There are various reasons to value your property. The main reason is for arranging a mortgage. But you may also want to know the value of the property in case of sale, a divorce, an inheritance or to define the land value at the end of the leasehold period.

There is a lot involved in valuating a home. The value of the home is determined by a large number of factors, such as the current market situation, the structural construction, the state of maintenance, the layout, facilities, living area, ground surface, the location, the zoning plan and the possible presence of soil contamination or asbestos .

Our office is legally qualified to perform all valuations. We are affiliated with the NWWI (Dutch Housing Value Institute). The NWWI is the quality mark for validated home valuations. This gives you the certainty of an objective and reliable home valuation. The valuation report also gives insight into the way in which the appraised value was established. Moerland is also registered in the NRVT under number RT 405024576

Our rate is € 595 including VAT and costs.