Our office is your partner for the sale of your home in Amsterdam Nieuw West. We have been the broker in Amsterdam Nieuw West for more than 25 years.

The advisory is the first step and a perfect moment for the first encounter between you and the broker. A meeting will be arranged at the house you wish to sell, so we can make an estimation of the selling and asking price and the time of sale. Of course we will discuss your wishes so we can decide what the best approach will be. We will also set an asking price in consultation with you. This conversation is of course free of charge.

Below you will find our ideas about the sales process.

Selling a home is not only enough with a window poster or simple registration on the internet. There is an extensive and sometimes complicated process. Our office is aware of the local situation and recent transaction prices.

Gathering information

Our office will, if necessary, obtain information from the land register, the district office and the environmental department. We also check your proof of ownership for possible details that need to be mentioned in the selling process. If you have an apartment or membership rights, then we also view the financial position, the budget, the house rules, the division deed and the statutes of the owner association. In most cases our office is already in possession of these documents and we are familiar with the latest details.


With this complete data of information we compile a full color sales presentation that we present to you for approval. This presentation is also the fundamental for all other sales expressions.


In consultation with you, we arrange for a professional photographer who will photograph your property. Various packages are available such as: standard photos, 360 degree photos, height photography, video, artist impressions, floor plans and more.


FUNDA.NL is the most important sales channel in the housing market. A professional placement combined with high ranking is a requirement to make the sale a success. We improve the ranking by linking extra tools to the FUNDA presentation. These are for example.

  • PDF brochure as an attachment
  • Professional photography (including altitude photo)
  • 2D and 3D floor plans
  • 360-degree photo’s
  • Video.

Your property is also displayed on


Our website allows spider websites;.

Sale sign

In consultation we can place a window ticket (V-board) or garden sign.


The paper Booklet will be handed over by us at viewings with candidates at your home, to interested parties who report to our office and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Customer base has a search service on the home page, visitors to our site can leave their housing wishes and e-mail address and receive an automatic message from us when a property comes on the market that meets their search criteria. Perhaps your buyer is already registered at our office!


The interest in your home translates into viewings, which we will take care of. We prefer that the viewings will take place without your presence. Practice has taught us that prospective buyers behave more freely and express themselves better without the presence of you as the owner. And we can respond directly to comments of the viewers to optimize the selling process.

You will be contacted at least one day prior to a scheduled viewing. We selectively participate in viewing during the weekend and in the evening hours.

Open house

In addition to regular viewings, our office participates in the Open House Days organized by the NVM. It is always possible to schedule an Open House at a time you prefer.

Always and everywhere informed

We will notify you and give you a report.


If an prospective buyer is interested in your home, he will make a bid, whether or not through her or his broker / adviser. A number of conditions are attached to this, for example a financing retention and / or a structural inspection.

We will review this offer and, in consultation with you, we will look at the options for finding the best deal for you. We conduct the negotiations on your behalf with the prospective buyer and we will keep you informed of all developments.

If the negotiations are successfully completed, the deed of sale will be signed at the notary.

The deed of sale

Your property is sold "Buyers costs". This means that the buyer pays all costs of the transfer of ownership. The buyer therefore has the option of choosing his own notary.

The purchase deed is the essential agreement between buyer and seller. It includes items such as the purchase price, delivery date, resolutive conditions, rights and obligations, guarantees, etc.

The buyer has 2 options to return to the purchase, i.e.

  • during the 3-day cooling-off period, without giving reasons and
  • by legally invoking a resolutive condition for financing included in the purchase deed.

If the transaction continues as usual, the notary will take care of the transfer of ownership and the financial settlement.

The transfer of ownership

Well before the planned date of the transfer, you will receive a draft of the deed of delivery from the notary. You will also receive the bill of settlement in which all amounts to be paid and received are included.

It is common for the buyer to "inspect" your home before signing the deed of delivery. This is to check whether everything is delivered as agreed, and energy levels are also included so that gas, electricity and water do not have to be shut off. You must arrange this yourself with your suppliers.

At the notary, the deed of delivery will be signed. This is the time of the legal transfer of ownership. All keys, guarantee certificates, etc. are currently transferred to the buyer. The notary will register the deeds in the land register and transfer the net sales proceeds to you the next working day.

After this we will say goodbye to you (for the time being). Naturally we would like to see you again as a customer in the future.

Financing of your new owner-occupied home

Please contact Hypotheekvisie for more information.

Legal insurance

In the current market where many buyers purchase without a consultant or with a questionable consultant, we advise you to ensure that you are in possession of legal assistance insurance, to cover any legal costs of a possible dispute.

Our costs

To make our rates as transparent as possible, all our prices include VAT. Because every sales order is customized, we adjust our brokerage fee accordingly. We work with a starting price of € 2850 (incl. VAT). After the no-obligation appointment with us, the commission is always clear and we adjust it to the wishes of the customer. So no surprises afterwards.