Have you sold or bought a home and are you moving in Amsterdam or beyond, then a lot is coming your way. The following moving checklist gives you guidance on what to look out for.

  • Delivery of the house
    If you are going to leave your home, you must leave it empty and (broom) clean, except for the things you have agreed that will be left behind. The list of movable goods is handy to use to see what should be left behind and what not. for example:  lamps or curtains. With this list you can check whether the house has been left as agreed.
  • Inspection of the home
    Before you go to the notary for the transfer, it is customary that the house is inspected. During the inspection, it is checked whether the house has been left as agreed. In addition, meter readings are recorded and checked whether everything is working. As a buyer, it can quickly happen that you overlook points here, so be alert to this. A purchase broker also takes care of these concerns and will act on your behalf if the home is not delivered as agreed. Are you looking for a purchase broker in Amsterdam area? Please feel free to contact us and we will tell you what we can do for you. You then decide whether you want to use our services.
  • Mover
    Moving with a mover is more expensive, but it can save you a lot of work. The prices of moving companies often vary enormously. Are you considering hiring a mover? Then request different specified quotes. Also check whether the mover is insured against damage. It is cheaper and often more pleasant to move your belongings yourself, with the help of friends and family. You still need a moving van and enough moving boxes.
  • Address change
    Notify authorities of your change of address in time. It can also be easy to have your mail forwarded for a while with PostNL's moving service. You can report a move to the municipality 4 weeks in advance and a maximum of 5 days afterwards.
  • Energy supplier
    You can often move your energy contract with you. But first check whether it is not smarter to switch to a new energy supplier.
  • Water supplier
    You cannot choose a new water supplier yourself. However, it is important to notify your move in good time. In Amsterdam this concerns Waternet.
  • Internet connection
    If you want to prevent internet problems surrounding the move, please note the following. First check how long your current contract with your provider is still running. When the first year (or second in the case of a 2-year contract) is over, you have a notice period of one month. Most people have been with their current provider for some time. Looking around again and comparing providers is a good idea anyway. Have you found a new provider? You often do not have to cancel your current provider yourself, because you can use a switching service of your new provider. They cancel your current subscription or tell you which steps to take in which order. In some cases, you will have to notify your current provider of the cancellation yourself. Your new provider will inform you about this.
  • Healthcare providers
    Are you moving to another city or neighbourhood? Then you may want a new family doctor, dentist and pharmacy.
  • Insurance
    Also send your insurers a change of address on time and check immediately whether you need to adjust your insurance policies. Think of your contents insurance and building insurance, liability insurance, but also your car insurance.
  • Sweep chimney
    Insurers in the Netherlands often require that the chimney has always been properly maintained. This means that it must be swept at least once a year to prevent chimney fires.

Are you not ready yet and are you still orientating to sell your home in Amsterdam and the surrounding area? Let us know and we will tell you without obligation what is involved in selling your home. After the appointment, you decide whether we will sell you home. Call 020-6103366 for more information or leave your details via the contact form and we will contact you.